GameSynth is a sound design tool that uses the latest advances in procedural audio to help you create amazing sound effects. It offers many unique features aimed at game and movie production, like the automatic generation of sound variations.

Swap Tales: Leon!

SwapTales: Leon! is an adventure tablet game inspired by gamebooks. You have the power to swap the words in the text to change the course of the story.


Crowntakers is a Tactical-RPG with rogue-like elements which is set in a medieval-fantastic world. The game alternate exploration with random events, merchants, inventory management… and turn-based combat.

DSP Retro

DSP Retro specializes to recreate a wide variety of Retro-Game sounds from Plaformer to Shoot ‘em Up using procedural audio (real-time sound synthesis). It also allows you to export your work towards game audio middleware and game creation tools.

DSP Anime

DSP Anime is a dedicated synthesizer for Japanese Anime sounds. Actually it’s like an interactive sound bank, you can choose between some types of sound through several categories such as Magic, Fight or Facial Expressions…


Tetra is a mind-blowing game about coordination. You control the four colored tongues of a cyclopean creature associate to one button on the controller. The goal is to swallow small colored worms with the good tongue. Each level have different pattern, more and more complicated and confusing.


AudioSteps is a sample-based footsteps generator plug-in for Digital Audio Workstations.

Journey to Hell

Journey to Hell is a Third Person Shooter available on iOS. It’s an old-school zombie shooter with a large choice of weapons and a great variety of environement.

Chicken Doom

Chicken Doom is an Arcade/Tower Defense game on iOS. You need to protect your tower from Chicken invasion. So the goal is to crush all the chicken on the screen with your finger and some explosive powers.